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Like many enduring brands, KangaROOS was born out of a specific need. In 1979, American architect and avid runner Robert Gamm found himself in a dilemma: where to put his house key while out for a run? Asking himself this question during his daily seven-mile training runs, he finally had a "Eureka" moment. A pocket on the side of his shoes could protect his key! In search of a name for his invention, Gamm called his shoes KangaROOS, because kangaroos are fast runners who never move backward. And they have a pouch, just like shoes.

KangaROOS proved to be the perfect trifecta of brand name, concept, and product. They also came about at a time when running was taking a big slice of the market, and runners were hungry for new technologies. 儭At the time, Nike introduced the Tailwind model with an air cushion, thus starting a competition among sports brands for next-level technologies. KangaROOS approached this competition from a different angle and introduced the extremely lightweight Combat model with a "kangaroo" pocket that could be zipped closed. These shoes became very popular, and mass interest began to grow when runner Bill Rogers won the Boston Marathon while wearing a pair of KangaROOS Combats and broke his own record.

Today, you can purchase the cult KangaROOS sneakers at the SNKRS store located at Vilniaus g. 45 or online.

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